Penfolds has been producing an impressive array of wines since 1844 and indisputably led the development of Australian fine wine into the modern era.

The introduction of Penfolds Grange in 1951 forever changed the landscape of Australian fine wine. Since then a series of standout wines, both white and red, have been released under the Penfolds masthead. The house style at Penfolds embraces the concepts of multi-regional blending, optimum fruit quality, the use of fine-grained American (and increasingly French) oak and most often, barrel fermentation and maturation.

Without the constraints of a single vineyard, Penfolds winemakers continue to choose the best possible fruit, showcasing the outstanding characteristics of each vineyard.

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Wolf Blass

Wolf Blass was established in the Barossa Valley in 1966 and has grown from a humble tin shed to become one of the world’s most successful and awarded wine brands. The essence of Wolf Blass wines is exemplified through the passion of its custodians, past and present as they continuously strive to produce wines of quality, character and consistency.

A stunning portfolio of wines ranging from the majestic and complex Platinum Label to the crisp Chardonnays of the Yellow and Red Labels. Today Wolf Blass wines are exported globally and are recognised internationally as icons of modern winemaking.

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Pepperjack is our tribute to the Barossa’s rich heritage.

The winemaking team has respect for traditional winemaking techniques and is also dynamic and imaginative. The Pepperjack winemakers are conscious of modern wine styles, and are creating wines that reflect their passion for this special region.

The Pepperjack wines are rich, honest and vibrant in style, showcasing the Barossa’s outstanding qualities.

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Saltram and the Barossa Valley form one of Australia’s greatest winemaking partnerships.

From a collection of old vine vineyards surrounding the historic Saltram winery, full-bodied wines are crafted, built on a core of intense fruit supported by subtle oak influences.




Wynns Coonawarra Estate was the first winery to be established in the Coonawarra, by John Riddoch in 1896.

The winery is located on the world famous strip of ‘Terra Rossa’ soil that produces fruit of an exceptionally high quality, particularly the region’s best known variety – Cabernet Sauvignon.


This range of wines was affectionately named after “Grange Cottage”, built in 1845 in Magill, South Australia.

This range of wines offer contemporary Australian wines for immediate drinking showcasing the benefits of multi-regional and multi-vineyard sourcing.




Lindeman’s is a story of 170 years of continued entrepreneurship anchored in the Hunter Valley under the Australian sun. Every Lindeman’s wine represents the spirit and passion of founder Dr Henry Lindeman, who planted the first vines in NSW’s Lower Hunter Valley in 1843.

Lindeman’s remarkable global popularity has been driven by the simple and personal philosophy of Dr. Lindeman himself –that ‘the one purpose of wine is to bring happiness’.


Over the years, there have been reports of mysterious large birds around our vineyards. Could it be the elusive Moa thought to be extinct? Or are they just …Fat Birds? I guess if they were looking for great grapes, they came to the right place.

The wines we have crafted in their name are well rounded, tasty, and full of character (probably not unlike the birds themselves!)




Old North Road runs through the Riverhead Forest west of Auckland where the winery has been sited for over 30 years.

The wines that carry the Old North Road name represent classic character and an easy drinking style perfect for any occasion


Mystic Ridge delivers a smooth, well rounded range of wines packaged in the convenient cask style. Coming in a dry white wine, a medium white wine and a soft red wine, Mystic Ridge can be enjoyed on its own, at a family gathering or complimenting your favourite food.