Woodstock, is New Zealand’s #1 brand in Bourbon and cola.*

Distilled with fine American grains and limestone filtered water, then aged in charred oak barrels,  Woodstock is the true taste of bourbon country.

A brand that captures the feeling of it's consumers, Woodstock is for Kiwis who can have a laugh and know when to get things done. No mucking around here, just pick up a Woodstock and enjoy it with the people that matter most.

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*Woodstock is NZ’s #1 Bourbon and cola, Nielsen + Aztec Nov 2016


Cody’s is New Zealand’s #2 Bourbon and cola, and #3 brand in Traditional liquor.

Cody’s is a superior blend of Kentucky straight oak aged bourbon for sharing with friends.

Being one of Asahi Beverage’s original bourbon RTD’s, Cody’s is enriched with history, and has a large following of supporters

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Untold Rum was born of a passionate collaboration between leading Melbourne bartenders and spirit experts. A modern take on Spiced Rum, infused with the perfect balance of natural spices and subtle flavours

Wild Moose

Wild Moose, the clean and crisp taste of 100% Canadian Grain Whisky, masterfully blended in oak barrels.

Black Heart

Black Heart Rum is a superior imported rum with a rich, smooth flavour and dark, full-bodied colour, these unique characteristics make Black Heart Rum truly distinctive.

This strong character gained it a following in nautical circles, being the official rum of the Royal New Zealand Navy until well into the 1950's.