Probably the best beer in the world, and a focus brand in the Asahi Beverages portfolio. The crown jewel of Danish brewing needs little introduction. This European lager was ground breaking in 1847 and is still the benchmark by which others are judged. Brewed by appointment to the Royal Danish Court.

In 2004, Asahi Beverages (NZ) started working with the Carlsberg brewery and in 2005 began local production under licence of Carlsberg.

The Carlsberg brewery was founded by JC Jacobsen in 1847, a philanthropist and avid art collector.  In 1876, J.C. established the Carlsberg Foundation, which managed the Carlsberg Laboratory as well as supporting a broad range of scientific research. The Carlsberg Laboratory made a number of scientific discoveries including the PH scale and the world’s first pure brewing yeast. This yeast was shared with brewers from all over the globe at the time, and is still used in most modern day brews today.

Today Carlsberg is a regular in millions of bars across 140 countries worldwide, it is a truly international beer brand.