Somersby is sold and enjoyed in more than 43 countries worldwide. Somersby is available in three delicious tasting variants: Apple, Blackberry and Pear – all with a refreshing crisp natural taste.

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Honesty Box Cider

At Honesty Box, we do things differently. We only use the juice of single varietal apples to craft an authentic taste you can recognise. The result is a cider with true depth of character. 

Our single varietal apple ciders range from semi-sweet and full flavoured, right through to dry and complex. Now there’s an apple cider to suit everyone’s taste.

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Wild Side Cider

Wild Side Cider is a delicious New Zealand cider made with natural ingredients from this part of the world. Its features a range of five delicious and refreshing flavours all made NZ Apples and is available in single 500ml bottles, great for sharing. Best served over ice.

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